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12351 9" Lineman?s Profesional Pliers truper

Professional Electrician's Tweezer, 9 ′, Comfort Grip Truper 12351 T200-9X

$19.26 Gross Price: $18.00

12860 PVC Pipe Cutter Up To 1 5/8 Inch COT-PVC 12860 Truper

PVC pipe cutter, up to 1-5 / 8 ′ Truper 12860 COT-PVC

$16.05 Gross Price: $15.00

13386 Impact Socket, Long, 6-Point, 1/2 ′ To 3/8 ′ Frame D-7312-HL Truper

13386 Impact Socket, Long, 6-Point, 1/2 ′ To 3/8 ′ Frame D-7312-HL  Truper

$7.00 Gross Price: $7.00

13954 3/8" Dr. Std & Mm Wrench Set 26 Pcs truper

Autocle Set, 1/4 ′ Frame, 21 Piece Truper 13980 JD-1 / 4X21P

$69.55 Gross Price: $65.00

13980 1/4" Drive Socket Wrench Set 21 Pcs

Autocle Set Box 1/4 21 Pieces JD-1 / 4X21P 13980 Truper

$48.15 Gross Price: $45.00

1590294 Tool Lanyard, 42 to 54 In. L, Lime, 10 lb.


Lanyards and lifelines connect to a harness that the workers wear, keeping them safely attached to the building they're working on. Take a look at the features for Ergodyne Shock Absorbing Tool Lanyard. Length: 42 to 54", Color: HV Lime.

$13.91 Gross Price: $13.00

18083 Kit Of 14 Wood Saws For Trucks E Truper

18083 Kit Of 14 Wood Saws For Trucks E Truper 

Maximum speed: 2,500 rpm
Packaging: Box

  • Saw and chucks made of carbon steel
  • Precision on your teeth for even cuts
  • Clean and deep cuts
  • Practical case to be easily transported

$21.40 Gross Price: $20.00

19804 Wheelbarrow 6 Ft Wooden Handles 1 3/4 Reinforced Rim T-6N Truper

Wheelbarrow 6 ft, mgos / wood 1-3 / 4 ′, reinforced wheel Truper 19804 T-6N

$90.95 Gross Price: $85.00

22101 Tool Set 42 Pieces Comfort Grip SET-42 Pretul

Tool set, 42 pieces, comfort grip, Pretul Pretul 22101 SET-42

$40.66 Gross Price: $38.00

48" Heavy Duty Aluminum Drywall TSquare

Unique rivet assembly permanently bonds head to blade. Head will stay square for life of product. Extruded aluminum 3/16" blade and head thickness. Clear protective anodized finish. Screened thermal bonded black 1/8" graduations are large and bold for easy reading. No. JTS48HD: Length: 48", Material: Aluminum, Material: Aluminum

$26.74 Gross Price: $24.99

54" Heavy Duty Aluminum Drywall TSquare

54 inch Aluminum Drywall T-Square with Extra-Thick Blade Made from protected anodized aluminum will not rust with large bold easy to read lettering. The Johnson Level & Tool 54-Inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Drywall T-Square features a heavy-duty extruded aluminum blade and head with a clear (silver) anodized finish.

$32.09 Gross Price: $29.99

8605274 Midwest Red Aviation Snips, Left/Straight, 9-3/4 In


If you need to cut metal siding, flashing, aluminum, or sheet metal, tin snips and metal snips are the tools to use. Here are some important details for Midwest Snips Aviation Snip. Material: Steel, Overall Length: 9-3/4", Features: Compound Leverage Action. Easiest Used in Right Hand. Offset design keeps cut metal below the hands for safety and performance. Best for full sheet cuts or trim cuts. Cuts straight and tight curves to the left..

$32.10 Gross Price: $30.00

D2000-9ST Klein Tools Iron Workers Pliers


Here are some important details for Klein Tools Iron Workers Plier. Material: Carbon Steel, Overall Length: 9-3/8", Features: Square Nose.

$64.20 Gross Price: $60.00

D248-9ST Diagonal Cutting Pliers for Rebar WorkKlein Tool

High-Leverage Diagonal-Cutting Pliers - Angled Head - Rebar Work

  • Plastic-dipped handles for comfort and ease of identification
  • Induction-hardened cutting knives for long life
  • Short jaws and beveled cutting edges permit close cutting of wire
  • For soft annealed rebar tie wire
  • Custom, US-made tool steel

$42.80 Gross Price: $40.00

Dice Set Table 1/4 And 3/8 39 Pieces Pretul 23969

Measurements: Mixed
Control panel: 1/4 "(6.3mm) and 3/8" (9.5mm)
Hardness: 54 HRc
Packaging: Plastic case

  • Forgings in carbon steel
  • Plastic case for storage and transport

$20.00 Gross Price: $20.00

TAHE328 Milled-Face Framing Hammer with Shock Reduction Grip

Estwing’s 28 oz. Milled-Face Framing Hammer is forged in one piece of solid steel and fully polished, offering unsurpassed balance and temper.

$39.59 Gross Price: $37.00