Measuring & Layout

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25 Ft Tape Measure

The STANLEY® FatMax® 25 ft Tape Measure is extra tough and durable thanks to industrial-grade BladeArmor® coating on the first 3" and a high-impact ABS case.

$23.53 Gross Price: $21.99

FatMax 30 ft. Tape Measure

The FATMAX 30 ft. Tape Measure is great for both indoor and outdoor measurements up to 30 ft.

$29.96 Gross Price: $28.00

FatMax 35 ft. Tape Measure

At 1-1/4 in. wide with an 11 ft. standout, the FatMax 35 ft. Tape Measure is easy to read and provides exceptional unsupported extension to simplify single-person usage.

$34.24 Gross Price: $32.00

Permanent Marker

  • Permanent marker has fine tip for increased readability
  • Marks can be made on most hard-to-mark surfaces
  • Permanent ink is quick drying, water and fade resistant

$1.28 Gross Price: $1.20

Professional-Beam Levels

The Aluminum Level magnetic level has an accuracy of 0.0005in./in. It cover the vial for a smooth consistent level surface. A 1-piece of aluminum is used in this levels construction.

$12.68 Gross Price: $11.85