3M 5987 N95 Particulate Performance Disposable Paint Prep Respirator (20-Pack) Whether you're sanding or grinding drywall, wood or metal surfaces, reach for the 3M 8210Plus Dispos.. Product #: 5987 CALL FOR INVENTORY based on 0 reviews Regular price: $30.00 $30.00 In Stock

5987 N95 Particulate Performance Disposable Paint Prep Respirator (20-Pack)

Brand: 3M
Product Code: 5987 CALL FOR INVENTORY
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Weight: 1.00lb
Dimensions: 7.00in x 3.00in x 4.00in

Gross Price: $30.00

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  • NIOSH approved: N95
  • Provides at least 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil
  • Soft interior foam rests on the bridge of your nose for lasting comfort
  • Adjustable nose clip to help ensure a secure, custom seal
  • Lightweight design for comfort
  • Great for use when sanding, sawing, grinding, lawn mowing, sweeping, dry-wall grinding, woodworking, and working with fiberglass insulating particles
  • Free from natural latex rubber
  • 1 size fits most

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