Safety Vest

Regarded as one of the most dangerous occupations, construction work can be considered anything but fully safe. Heights, large and mobile equipment, edges, deep holes, and wobbling stairs are a reality in many construction sites, no matter how modern or careful the contractors claim them to be. Obviously, the employers do need to take care of the safety and security of the workers, but the workers need to keep in mind a lot of precautions themselves when working in such hazardous conditions.

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Surveyor Safety Vest

Radians SV61-NZGD-XL, Non Rated Safety Vest, Economic Surveyor, Two Tone Dual Green, Extra Large. This safety vest has a 1-Inch Prismatic tape, solid twill front and mesh back with a zipper closure, and inside/outside pockets. This vest does not meet the ANSI/ISEA requirements.

$26.74 Gross Price: $24.99

Double Pull Lumber Back Braces with shoulder straps

Use the Black Large Back Support to help prevent injuries on the job. The support is ideal for reducing stress on the lower lumbar area and can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit. Adjust the straps so they fit your body to your comfort level.

$20.32 Gross Price: $18.99

Handyman Lineman's Tool & Plier Holder

Handyman lineman's tool & plier holder saddle leather construction specially design to suit the need of the professional lineman and electrician 2 vented closed end tunnel pockets 1 tapered screwdriver slot & 2 quick release snaps

$21.39 Gross Price: $19.99

Handyman Swivel Hammer Holder


$8.55 Gross Price: $7.99

Knee Pads

The All Terrain Knee Pads are the best lightweight solution. The thick molded pads are made with soft, durable, non-marring foam keeping more delicate surfaces scratch free while resisting wear on rougher terrain. Can be worn under or over pants. Comfortable single elastic strap hugs the calf and avoids bunching behind the knee for all day comfort.

$16.04 Gross Price: $14.99

Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt

Keep active in your Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt by C2 Sport! Composed of a quality 100% polyester fabric, keep your cool when the game heats up in this t-shirt designed for maximum comfort thanks to its integrated moisture management and anti-microbial performance fabric properties.

$5.35 Gross Price: $5.00

Lycra Fabric Hunting Full Face Mask Sports Outdoor Cycling Cap

QingLongLin Lycra Fabric Hunting Full Face Mask Sports Bandana Hiking Breathable Balaclava Outdoor Cycling Cap Motorcycle Beanie

One size fits most

Suitable for men and women

Good for cycling, hiking, motorcycling, hunting, and other kinds of outdoor sports

$5.35 Gross Price: $5.00

Tape Measure Holder

  • Leather tape pocket hods most of tape measure.
  • 2 1/4" Belt Slot tunnel loop for belt.

$9.62 Gross Price: $8.99

West Chester Black Foam Nitrile Palm Dip Glove on Gray Nylon Shell

Excellent abrasion resistance. Foam nitrile coating with micro capillaries channels oil from the surface of the glove.

$6.41 Gross Price: $5.99