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7 Inch Multipurpose Utility Knife

Truper heavy duty Knives are made of high quality materials at an economical price.

$8.55 Gross Price: $7.99

Double Pull Lumber Back Braces with shoulder straps

Use the Black Large Back Support to help prevent injuries on the job. The support is ideal for reducing stress on the lower lumbar area and can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit. Adjust the straps so they fit your body to your comfort level.

$20.32 Gross Price: $18.99

Foam Knee Pads

$16.04 Gross Price: $14.99

Full Brim Hard Hats, Ratchet Suspension

Electrical Resisntence up to 2, 200 V According to standars

$12.84 Gross Price: $12.00

Knee Pads

The All Terrain Knee Pads are the best lightweight solution. The thick molded pads are made with soft, durable, non-marring foam keeping more delicate surfaces scratch free while resisting wear on rougher terrain. Can be worn under or over pants. Comfortable single elastic strap hugs the calf and avoids bunching behind the knee for all day comfort.

$16.04 Gross Price: $14.99

Plastic Body Chalk Box

50 Ft Plastic Body Chalk Box Set 2 Pcs

$10.69 Gross Price: $9.99

Professional-Beam Levels

The Aluminum Level magnetic level has an accuracy of 0.0005in./in. It cover the vial for a smooth consistent level surface. A 1-piece of aluminum is used in this levels construction.

$12.68 Gross Price: $11.85

Safety Sport Gray Glasses

The Truper Safety Glasses are protective eyewear with semi-rimless, untinted polycarbonate lenses with anti-scratch coating and UV protection in a wraparound frame with slim temples.

$5.34 Gross Price: $4.99


Professional quality wall scraper with a black nylon, solvent-resistant handle that is designed for maximum safety and dependability. High-carbon, precision-ground steel blade is lacquered to prevent rust and extends through handle. The brass-plated, solid steel nail setting head can be used for setting drywall nails and other hammering jobs.

$5.34 Gross Price: $4.99